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Understanding Professional Microcurrent Skin Therapy Treatments


Beauty products are no longer enough today to conquer what we want to achieve.  

The future of skincare, is a new technology treatment known as a microcurrent skin therapy treatment.

And they have even advanced the old microcurrent treatment to a fabulous new "Professional Magic Glove" treatment. 

My Microcurrent glove device uses a low-level current energy to erase fine lines, tighten, lift, and tone muscles, which will reduce skin sagging and improves elasticity.  This treatment is non-invasive with no downtime.  It is painless and feels like a wonderful facial massage.

Microcurrent gloves are known today as “magic gloves”. It is slowly replacing the old popular accessory for facial therapy – the use of 2-prong ball tip probes, which cannot reach certain places on the face and neck to erase and educate the skin and muscles.

Benefits of Using the Microcurrent Skin Therapy Treatment

The Microcurrent Skin Therapy Treatment is a great way to fight off symptoms of skin aging and improve skin appearance. In general, the benefits of using microcurrent glove treatment are:

  • It tones and conditions facial muscles  (Educates the muscles)

  • It smoothens and reduces wrinkles and fine lines  (Uses an Eraser technique) 

  • It tightens and reduces skin sagging 

  • It tightens and improves skin elasticity 

  • It boosts blood circulation and increase supplies of nutrients to the skin

  • It minimizes eye bags and dark circles

  • It improves skin complexion 

  • Lymphatic drainage


Frequently Asked Questions

 How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions will depend on the client’s age and skin condition.  These are general guidelines for the frequency of treatments:   *depending on your skin type and what you are wanting to achieve. 

• 20 – 30 years old – One treatment,  Maintenance every 3 - 4 months, as preventative to slow down the aging process

• 31 – 40 years old – Initial series of 3 treatments  (once per week);   Post Maintenance every 2 - 3 months

• 41 – 55 years old – Initial series of 6 up to 9 treatments ( once to twice per week); Post Maintenance every 2 - 3 months

• 56 – 70 + years old – Initial series of  9 up to 12 treatments (once to twice per week); Post Maintenance every  2 - 3 months

How long will my results last?
The effects of microcurrent are immediate and cumulative. Clients go through a series of treatments followed by regular maintenance to keep a more youthful appearance. Each time a treatment is performed the new contour maintains its position better and lasts longer.

Are there conditions that can prevent me from being able to receive microcurrent treatments?
There are certain contraindications that will preclude microcurrent treatments. 

Individuals with autoimmune disorders, diabetes, cancer, embolism, epilepsy, melanoma, metal implants (including plates/pins/screws), open wounds, pacemakers, phlebitis, pregnancy, thrombosis, and varicose veins should not receive microcurrent. 

Use of Botox®, Juvederm®, Restylane®, and any other injectable must be disclosed prior to treatment.

How does microcurrent compare to treatments like Botox?

Unlike other procedures, Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation is 100% pain free, totally relaxing and has no known risks or side affects. With comparable results to procedures like Botox, Juvederm and Restylane, Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation is capable of attaining a huge variety of anti-aging results using one safe and natural process.

Can Everyone Have Microcurrent Treatment?

There are people with the certain condition who cannot take microcurrent treatment. These include:

  • Pregnant or lactating

  • People with thrombosis, Epilepsy, Phlebitis, Cancer

  • People with implanted devices such as a pacemaker or any metal implants in their skull

  • People with severe facial problems like open sores or open acne

  • People who already had extreme Botox treatment or extreme face fillers like a neurotoxin

Does Microcurrent Gloves Work and How Does it Work?

Microcurrent gloves work and are known to be more effective as their counterpart microcurrent probes. Microcurrent runs through the gloves and these microcurrents stimulate the nerves and tissues of the skin. These microcurrents improve elasticity, collagen, and ATP production. (Adenosine triphosphate. This is a molecule that carries energy within cells.  It is the main energy currency of the cell). These are the cells and properties that your facial skin needs to stay tight and toned.

To see results from the microcurrent treatment, you need to complete the treatment series to achieve your goal. After the series, continue a treatment regularly as part of your preventive care. 

How Long Before You Can See the Effect?

After a session, you can certainly see the effect of the microcurrent treatment. For the best results though, you will most likely need several sessions. This is considered as a cumulative treatment where the effect stacks up after each treatment, giving you the best result in the end.

Microcurrent Gloves Side Effects

Microcurrent treatment is a non-invasive procedure with no known side effects.  You may feel like you just had a facial muscle massage. 

Microcurrent Skin Therapy Treatment Preparation

Avoid using facial cream the night before treatment

There are facial creams that stay in the skin for more than 24 hours or are just simply hard to remove. One example of facial cream that stays in the skin for a period is Retinol. Microcurrents can push those remaining facial creams deep into your skin and in the process can possibly irritate the skin. This can lead to redness of the skin and puffiness for some.

The same goes for chemical peels that are applied to the skin. Avoid applying such before your microcurrent treatment to avoid having any skin allergies after treatment.

Microcurrent Skin Therapy Treatment / Alternatives

One of the challenges we always face in life is the challenge of making a choice. Should you go for a salad, a cheeseburger or a pizza?  Do you want a beer or a glass of wine? Should you go left or go right? Should you trust Microcurrent or Radiofrequency or Microdermabrasion or Microneedling.... etc?  Making tough choices shouldn’t be that hard, but it may seem like a tough choice when talking about your skin care preventive plan. To help you make an easier decision here's information for some of those choices. 

RF Skin Tightening vs Microcurrent Skin Therapy Treatment

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening is a facial treatment that promotes the production of collagen. It uses kinetic/RF heat to wake up our facial skin and help it generate more collagen fiber. It also boosts the production of hyaluronic acid, a hydrating acid that helps the skin to stay plump and fresh. Overall, RF skin tightening is a great way to keep our facial skin looking taut.

RF Skin Tightening is also a non-invasive treatment.  A Microcurrent treatment is a preventive care treatment to keep your skin wrinkle-free while combating symptoms of aging.. (using an Erasing and Educating technique)  while RF Skin Tightening is effective, it is more of a short-term procedure to keep your skin looking younger and tighter.  It is not educating the muscles, it is tightening the skin, where Microcurrent is doing both. 

Is it safe to use a Microcurrent treatment along with an RF Skin Tightening treatment?

They are both safe and effective.  However, it can be time-consuming and costly to do both.  Imagine doing two different treatments for the same area.  Won't hurt, but won't be as beneficial because It can also stress your face, doing too much at one time.  The best solution is to choose the best treatment based on your need and current facial condition, your budget, and your time.


Microdermabrasion is done in two ways: first, it requires using a diamond tip to take off the skin’s outer layer, and the second technique is by using suction. Both techniques aim to remove the damaged part of the skin before rejuvenating it. It is a minimal  procedure that is 100% safe for all skin types. Microdermabrasion is a treatment and cannot be used for preventive care, unlike the microcurrent skin therapy treatment.  (Microdermabrasion does not educate the muscles.) Microcurrent educates the muscles as well as erase skin damage).   Microdermabrasion can be performed before a Microcurrent treatment.  It is booked as a separate treatment, it is not included with the Microcurrent Skin Treatment, but it 'can' be performed, if necessary.  You will need to purchase it separately (for same day or before the Microcurrent appt.) 

Note:  This applies to Dermaplaning as well.) 

Red Light Treatment Facial

Red Light Treatment Facial Therapy has been one of the first treatments introduced in the facial therapy industry. It was originally used by NASA scientists in their research and eventually evolved as a skincare therapy.

As the name implies, it uses RED light to stimulate the skin, leading to skin cell repair, growth, and increased collagen production.   


Is it safe to use Microcurrent along with Red Light Facial Treatment?

Both treatments are accepted and revered in the facial spa world because they are painless and are significant treatments. However, it is not advisable to have both treatments together. There is no significant value or benefit to do them together. 

If you are ready to  'Erase...and Educate" your skin, let's get started! 

Click here to Book your Appointment>   ERASE AND EDUCATE WITH MICROCURRENT

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