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Gua Sha Tools and Beauty Accessories

 Natural Jade.  Rose Quartz.  Bian Stone.   Gua Sha Tools   

  • Material in all the Gua Sha tools are made with high quality Jade, Rose Quartz and Bian Stone. 

  • All stone colors and shapes will vary.  Each stone tool has it's unique shape and color.  

  • All Gua Sha Tools are suitable for facial scraping, promoting facial meridian dredge, beneficial to skin beauty and removes toxins.

  • These Gua Sha stone tools are for family use. 

  • The stones are an essence of Chinese medicine and health promotion.

  •  These Gua Sha stone tools are all small enough to put in your hand, to work on smaller areas of the body. They work great on the neck, face, back of hands, wrists, shoulders and feet.  

  • Ultra smooth edges with meticulous cut will never scratch and hurt your skin. 

  •  Safe and effective, with no side effects.   

  • Free Shipping with all orders.

Guas Sha Application photo.jpg
Jade gua tool.jpg
Jade gua sha tool  2.jpg
Jade gua sha tool 3.jpg
Pink Quartz gua sha tool 2.jpg
pink quartz gua sha tool 3.jpg
Bian stone gua sha.jpg
Pink quartz gua sha tool 4.jpg
Jade gau sha comb.jpg
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