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What is Facial Acupressure?

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Acupressure is an ancient healing therapy from China. It’s use dates back thousands of years and it is extremely effective in helping a person achieve and maintain health. It’s origins are in Traditional Chinese Medicine as are the origins of acupuncture. In acupressure, however, needles  are not used. Instead of needles firm finger pressure is applied to certain acu-points. The purpose is to release blockages of the internal energy system in the body. It is a safe procedure.

It's no mistake they call the numbers and hands on a clock a "face." Time and stress can leave its tracks on your face with every passing hour. 

Stress can take its toll on your health and your smile. But facial acupressure - and a rejuvenating, quality Gua Sha facial, will have you looking better, and give your spirits a lift.

Facial Acupressure rejuvenation for your face, works like a full body massage.  Just as you can strengthen muscles, increase circulation and release tension from other parts of your body, you can brighten your skin, smooth out furrowed brows and strengthen every facial muscle with facial acupressure. 

Acupressure (as well as Gua Sha)  can also boost your immune system and raises physical energy, both which make it easier to put on a happy face. 
Acupressure (as well as Gua Sha) will increase your blood circulation, give your muscles a workout and get your Qi flowing strong and healthy! 

Wrinkles and sagging skin are caused by several factors: A breakdown in collagen, the protein fibers in the skin that keep skin strong and springy; overexposure to radiation, from too much sun or tanning beds; dehydration caused by excessive heat, not drinking enough water, or even from eating too much refined or processed sugar that cause skin aging glycation; and stress, which constricts muscles, blood vessels and all cause wear and tear on our youthful appearance. 


The Facial Acupressure uses acu - points to release penned up toxins, to open up channels of energy, and to improve circulation. It is also tremendously relaxing and at the same time invigorating.


Facial changes can be seen in a few short weeks and other changes can happen sooner. Sinuses can be opened and breathing made easier, the frequency of headaches can diminish, TMJ symptoms can reduce and much much more.

I use the beauty acu- point Facial Acupressure technique with The Gua Sha Facial in my deluxe and celebrity packages.   I apply light pressure to each of the beauty acu- points. This is also a stress reducer and will benefit and enhance the Gua Sha treatment.

Book your appointment today!  This is a mind/body experience!    Not only will your face look and feel beautiful, so will your mind and body! 


To Book an Appointment Click here >    I WANT TO LOOK AND FEEL BEAUTIFUL! 

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