Groupon Information  

If you have purchased a Groupon,  you may Book your appointment Online from this site. 

*Click on Book Online. (in the upper menu)   

*Scroll down to I have a Groupon.   Click on the link. 

* Choose a Day and time from the calendar.

(Days and times that are available are always  up to date on the site).

* Put in all of  your information, as requested.   

 You will need to type in your Groupon Voucher Number, the Expiration Date, as well as the Facial/Treatment(s) or the Service(s) that you purchased and the Name that is on the Groupon.

Very Important:  If ALL information requested is not typed in on the form correctly, your appointment may not be booked. 

You may also add any information or questions, if needed, and I will get back with you as soon as possible, via text.    



© 2009 Darlene McDowell  C.Ht  CPLC  GSP

Owner, The Gua Sha Facial Co.

 Darlene McDowell Credentials:

ASFA Academy (Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy, Beverly Hills, CA)

IVS Training Academy Facial (Professional Technique, Facial

Assessment, Acupressure Technique, Gua Sha Technique)

Certification  Specialized Training  Ultrasound Cavitation (Cavi Lipo)

Certification  Specialized Laser Lipo 

IVS Training Academy Gua Sha  (TCM, IASTM Graston Method)  

IVS Training Academy Acupressure for Pain Relief

AHA Certification Hypnosis for Pain Management

Hypnosis Motivation Institute College of Hypnotherapy         

Fowler Wainwright International Masters Life Coaching                      AHA Certification Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator

Union 472, OPEIU, AFL-CIO, CLC

Darlene McDowell has worked with Actors, Entertainers, Music Artists and Athletes. She was an agent and Life Coach 20+ years as a franchised agent with the Screen Actors Guild & the American Federation of Television & Radio Artists.