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Groupon Information  

If you have purchased a Groupon,  you may Book your appointment Online from this site. 

*Click on Book Online. (in the upper menu) 

*Scroll down to I have a Groupon.   Click on the link. 

* Request a Day and time from the calendar. 

(Days and times that are available are always  up to date on the site).

* Put in all of  your information, as requested.   

 You will need to type in your Groupon Voucher Number, the Expiration Date, as well as the Facial/Treatment(s) or the Service(s) that you purchased and the Name that is on the Groupon.

Very Important:  If ALL information requested is not typed in on the form correctly, your appointment may not be booked. 

I will email you back ASAP to confirm your booking request.


You may also add any information or questions, if needed, and I will get back with you as soon as possible, via text.    



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