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What is LED Light Therapy?      Also referred to as Phototherapy/ Photobiomodulation 

There are various kinds of LED Light facials available on the market today, and the technology is rapidly evolving. The treatments involve the use of different color lights, such as  red (most commonly) blue, green and  yellow  (depending on what the skin needs)   

The basic premise of LED skin therapy is that different colors trigger different reactions beneath the epidermis and penetrate the skin at varying depths. Such as:

Red Light:  Red LED Light, featured on Dr. Oz and one of Hollywood’s top beauty secrets, has the ability to reach down into all the layers of the skin where it rejuvenates, stimulates collagen production, prompts cellular repair, and increases circulation promoting a more vibrant and youthful complexion.  Red LED lights work synergistically to deliver optimal skin rejuvenation.  This combination of LED lights is ideal for deeper lines and wrinkles, scarring, promoting a more even skin tone, and burning fat.

Blue Light:  Blue LED light has been proven to have powerful anti-bacterial properties that have the ability to kill the acne causing bacteria.  It prevents and treats  acne.  Blue light also helps to purify the skin, stabilize oil glands, and sooth inflammation.  

Yellow LightYellow LED light reduces the appearance of redness, swelling, and inflammation.  This color of light is beneficial for Rosacea and treating burns such as sunburns.  Also stimulates the production of red blood cells in the skin and is effective in treating abnormal pigmentation (hypo and hyper), improving lymphatic function, and stimulating circulation.

Green Light:  Green LED light is absorbed into the skin where it has a calming effect.  It helps to lighten hyper-pigmentation spots revealing a brighter complexion.  The calming effect also has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the surface of the skin.  Green LED Therapy is used to treat dilated capillaries, sagging skin around the eyes, under eye circles, hyperpigmentation and sun spots, even sagging breasts.

LED treatments are painless, non-invasive and no downtime is required.  People are looking for a lot of alternatives these days. An LED treatment is great for targeting areas that are hard to hit with Botox and injectables, bringing out the plumpness and reducing the appearance of crow's feet and other wrinkles.

How long is a Red light facial treatment?

The actual red light facial treatment can last approx. 15- 20   minutes, depending on what we are trying to achieve.  My sessions last 35 - 45+ minutes because I also cleanse the face and exfoliate before the treatment. After the LED Red Light treatment,  I use an ice hammer, a Hyaluronic treatment and moisturize. 

How does the LED light treatment work?

With low-level light therapy (LLLT) with light-emitting diodes (LEDs).  Reports are appearing from many different specialties; however, a particular interest to plastic surgeons treating the aging face is the proven action of LED-LLLT on skin cells in both the epidermis and dermis and enhanced blood flow. Thus, LED-LLLT is a safe and effective stand-alone therapy for clients who are prepared to wait until the final effect is perceived.   Which means -- this does not work overnight, It takes a few treatments to see results.

How many treatments will I need? 

Typically, you'll need at least four treatments before you start noticing results. Typically six treatments, (2 treatments per week)    In order to rejuvenate the skin's appearance, improve its texture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, a few weeks will be required. The good news? The benefits are cumulative, and one treatment per year is normally sufficient to maintain the results afterwards.  How about that?  

 What is the cost for the treatments?  

The cost of  one treatment is $49.00.  It is best to get a series of treatments. It is not typical to see substantial results in 1 treatment.  I recommend 6 treatments, cost is $289.00   You are not only getting the Light Therapy, you are also getting a cleansing and exfoliation, before the light treatment; an Ice hammer treatment, Hyaluronic and moisturizing after the light treatment.   

This is a very relaxing facial spa treatment for the body and mind, as well.  You will feel amazing! 

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