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The Ultimate Facial Treatment 

Relaxation meets professional treatment performance in our Ultimate Facial Treatment.

This Ultimate Treatment combines the best of our premium facial treatments.  You will Immediately see an irresistible glow, radiant skin and a vibrant complexion.

My Ultimate Facial Treatments are customized for each client.  

The Ultimate Facial includes:

An Exfoliating / Hydrating cleanse


Dermaplaning (to remove the 'peach fuzz' as well as the dead skin layer)  

For more information on Dermaplaning, Click here >   DERMAPLANING 


Hydrafacial  (to hydrate the skin and well as a deeper cleansing) 


CO2 Carboxy Gel Treatment   

For more information on the CO2 Carboxy Gel Treatment, Click Here >   CO2 Carboxy 

Gold/Salmon DNA serum infused. ( Salmon DNA, which increases blood flow in the skin, increases the regional oxygen. Because the polynucleotide contains an intense amount of water molecules, it increases the level of hyaluronic acid in the skin. It increases the elasticity of the skin by supporting collagen and elastin production,)

BB Glow 

For more information about the BB Glow Treatment, Click here >   BB GLOW 

If you are ready for the Ultimate Facial Treatment, don't wait, Book Now to secure your booking day and time.      Click Here to Book >   THE ULTIMATE FACIAL 


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